Magazine - Oct 2014

Rooney Earthmoving Magazine
Oct - 2014 - web (.pdf)

In this issue, find out about the specialised staff and equipment Rooney Earthmoving are employing and the vast scales involved when installing HDPE liner, Ecotech  Geotextile and Agrimat tiles in a wide range of Mid-South Canterbury and North Otago irrigation and diary projects.

Featured are the Rangitata South Irrigation Scheme, MHIS Carew ponds, Waimakariri Irrigation Scheme upgrade and MGI Irrigation Ltd storage pond.

Also read about recent dairy related projects including the construction of platforms, lanes and ramps, re-contouring of terraces; installation of a state highway underpass, foundations for effluent ponds, shed platforms, building foundations and kerbing. Featured in these projects are: Morgan and Hayley Easton, Nigel & Jane Reith and Barry Mathews Dairy Conversions; Alan & Leigh Gibson dairy maintenance; SH82 underpass for Joy Burke; and an effluent tank for the Van Leeuwen Group.

The Hunter Hills subdivision and a warehouse for Foodstuffs NZ South Island are also reported on.

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