Meridian Energy –Tekapo Canal

Location: Mackenzie Basin, South Canterbury
Duration: 6 Months, 2008-2009
Client: Meridian Energy
Value: $1.25 million
Delivered on Time and Budget?:  Yes

In late November 2008 seepage from the Tekapo canal reached a point which triggered the requirement for immediate protection works.

This work included;

  • Construction of buttresses to reinforce the canal walls including culvert extensions and installation of subsoil monitoring drains including the installation of seep monitoring structures.
  • Geotextile Fabric was also placed into canal lining/sealing zones.
  • Some of the specialist plant included a long reach excavator (18m reach), along with articulated dump trucks, bulldozers, screening plants and excavators.
  • Our plant and staff worked extended hours and we received high praise from Meridian Energy for their quality and dedication.
  • Geotextile Fabric was placed into canal lining/sealing zones.


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